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Essex Brownell offers a wide range of commercial and industrial t-frame motors for your application needs from fractional HP up to 500HP offerings, and premium efficient 3-phase solutions. The NEMA "T" corresponds to a motor that has a standard shaft length extending from the motor. It identifies an application that has a rigid base that is to be bolted, welded, or cast on a motor's main frame. The rigid base allows for a motor to be rigidly-mounted to equipment and is a very common mounting base for standard motors. Essex Brownell features products from Marathon, US Motors, Nidec, Century, Leeson, and GE, among other manufacturers. Many of the products are designed to be low-noise and low-vibration with cooling capabilities that will allow for uses in compressors, ventilators, and pumps in any of the petrochemical, medical, or mining environments.


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  1. 1.5,1200,115-208/230,184T,CAT ST,TEFC,1P
    1.5,1200,115-208/230,184T,CAT ST,TEFC,1P

    Sku #: ML-131526

    MFG Model #: 131526.00

    Manufacturer: Leeson Electric Corp.

  2. 1/2,1200,115/230,56,ODP,CSCR

    Sku #: NM-D12CPA3PH9

    MFG Model #: D12CPA3PH9

    Manufacturer: Nidec Motor Corporation

  3. 1/2,1200,115/230,56H,ODP,CAP START,RES
    1/2,1200,115/230,56H,ODP,CAP START,RES

    Sku #: NM-D12CP3PH9

    MFG Model #: D12CP3PH9

    Manufacturer: Nidec Motor Corporation

  4. 10,1800,230,215TC,TEFC,CSCR

    Sku #: ML-140678

    MFG Model #: 140678.00

    Manufacturer: Leeson Electric Corp.

  5. 2,1800,115/230,TEFC,182T,1PH

    Sku #: TM-S0024

    MFG Model #: S0024

    Manufacturer: Teco-Westinghouse Motor Co

  6. 2HP 1725 182T CAP ODP RIGID
    2HP 1725 182T CAP ODP RIGID

    Sku #: ML-131535

    MFG Model #: 131535.00

    Manufacturer: Leeson Electric Corp.

  7. 3,865,230/460,213T,TE

    Sku #: NM-H01689

    MFG Model #: H01689

    Manufacturer: Nidec Motor Corporation

  8. 3HP 1800 184TC DP 1PH
    3HP 1800 184TC DP 1PH

    Sku #: ML-131629

    MFG Model #: 131629.00

    Manufacturer: Leeson Electric Corp.

  9. 5,900,230/460,216T, TENV
    5,900,230/460,216T, TENV

    Sku #: NM-UV5S4BF9

    MFG Model #: UV5S4BF9

    Manufacturer: Nidec Motor Corporation

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