Essex Brownell is a global distributor of magnet wire, connectivity cable, lead wire, motors, drives, electrical and electronic insulation, tapes, repair parts, as well as shop and test equipment. Over the course of our 90-year history we have built key supplier relationships across many industries to ensure the highest level of quality to help businesses through innovation, supply management, and services. Essex Brownell owns and operates distribution centers in 11 states, as well as Mexico and Canada, to ensure that no matter where you are we can help facilitate prompt delivery of products to go right into your manufacturing lines.

As part of the Superior Essex family our customers have access to Essex Active, a conversion and fabrications division. Essex Active specializes in reducing or eliminating redundant processes, and producing rapid prototypes, while using state–of–the–art industrial technology. It has a proven track record supporting customers of all sizes for over 50 years and helps its partners improve efficiency, enhance workflow, reduce repetitive processes and create rapid prototypes for new parts. Essex Brownell stocks motor parts and accessories to ensure that your business can have the right part at the right time. Whether your project is in need of bearings, capacitors, pump seals, shaft grounding rings or general shop equipment, Essex Brownell is willing and able to get the parts from our floor to your line. We feature items from KBC, Nachi, US Seal, AEMC, and numerous others -- from ball and roller bearings to the latest technology testing equipment.

Reno, NV
Home to our expanded 2022 warehouse.

Reno was opened in September 2022 as our western regional warehouse.  With over 85,000 sq. ft, Reno services many customers in California, Utah, Oregon, and Washington as well as a replenishment center for other warehouses located in the western region.
Tempe, AZ
Lively art, culture, and our southwest branch location.

Tempe services our customers in Arizona as well as our customers in southern California and surrounding area.  The Tempe warehouse also houses our inside sales team that service our OEM customers in the western region.
El Paso, TX
Texas-sized warehousing and even bigger Customer Focus.

El Paso consists of 40,000 sq. ft and services our border customers in Juarez as well as local MR and OEM customers.
Torreon, MX
A headquarters for serving our Mexico customers.

Our Torreon facility services many maquila customers as well as Mexican Nationals in the region as well as shipments to our customers along the border states such as Texas and Arizona.
McAllen, TX
Our southern gateway to fulfilling our customers needs.

McAllen services many customers along the border servicing our customers in Mexico as well as local customers in the area.
Houston, TX
A location to accommodate the fourth most populous city in the U.S.

Our Houston warehouse is approx. 15,000 sq. ft and services many local, will call customers as well as MR and OEM accounts in the Houston area.
McDonough, GA
Branch expansion starting 2023.

McDonough will be our newest regional warehouse servicing our Southeast customers. McDonough will grow from 25,000 sq. ft to over 133,000 square ft. servicing many MR and OEM customers as well as serve as a replenishment center to other warehouses within our network. Expected expansion completion May 2023.
Memphis, TN
Another central location support in the city of Blues.

Our Memphis warehouse is a local warehouse that services many customers in the area. The Memphis warehouse also houses our inside sales team that service our motor repair customers.

Fort Wayne, IN
Our central location, home to Essex Brownell headquarters.

Fort Wayne is our National Distribution warehouse and is approximately 210,000 sq. ft. The Fort Wayne warehouse feeds all our regional and local warehouses, servicing OEM and MR customers.

Chicago, IL
A winning combination: Deep dish and distribution.

Chicago consists of 11,000 sq. ft and services our local customers in the Chicago area as well as the surrounding states.
Simcoe, ON
Our northern location and Canadian access.

Access for Canadian customers
Edison, NJ
We wouldn’t want to miss out on a location in this commercial hub.

Edison is our northeast regional warehouse. Edison is 54,000 sq.ft. and services both MR and OEM customers in the northeast.
Denver, CO
Our branch location neighboring the Rockies.

The Denver warehouses services our local MR customers in the area as well as the surrounding states with a focus on motor repair. The Denver warehouse is also home to our inside sales team that services our motor repair customers in the western region.
Lubbock, TX
Beautiful scenery meets more distribution opportunity.

Lubbock is our local warehouse that services many local customers. It is approximately 11,000 sq. ft.
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