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Essex Brownell is constantly working with key suppliers to keep up with changing legislation and efficiency requirements to meet your HVAC motor needs both today and in the future. We offer solutions for commercial applications, contractors, repair shops, and consumers. Whether you need belt drive, circulation, condenser fans, ECM, transformer cooler, ventilation or OEM replacement our application solutions range from refrigeration to heating to ventilation or air moving solutions. Essex Brownell has all of the high performing and efficient motors that brings the reliability you need when implementing or upgrading your HVAC solution. We feature motors from Century, Marathon, Fasco, Nidec, US Motors, and Leeson, among others. Additionally, our solutions experts can aid in making the right choice to solve your HVAC motor needs and with 11 distribution centers in the United State, Essex Brownell is committed to making sure your components are devolved in a timely manner.


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  1. 1,1140,575,3PH,48,CONDENSER FAN
    1,1140,575,3PH,48,CONDENSER FAN

    Sku #: AO-5FC3106

    MFG Model #: 5FC3106

    Manufacturer: Regal Beloit EPC, Inc.

  2. 1,850,460/208-230,56Y,OEM-KRACK

    Sku #: AO-OKR1503

    MFG Model #: OKR1503

    Manufacturer: Regal Beloit EPC, Inc.

  3. 1,900,200-230/460,56Y,OPEN,3PH,

    Sku #: MAR-X507

    MFG Model #: X507

    Manufacturer: Marathon Electric Mfg Co

  4. 1.5,1140,200-230/460,56Y,OPEN,3PH,COND FAN
    1.5,1140,200-230/460,56Y,OPEN,3PH,COND FAN

    Sku #: CM-H768

    MFG Model #: H768

    Manufacturer: Regal Beloit EPC, Inc.

  5. 1.5,1800,115/230,56Z,1PH

    Sku #: NM-7072

    MFG Model #: 7072

    Manufacturer: Nidec Motor Corporation

  6. 1.5,3600,115/208-230,56C,ODP,CSCR,

    Sku #: MAR-O231

    MFG Model #: O231

    Manufacturer: Marathon Electric Mfg Co

  7. 1.5/.67,208/230,1725/1140,3PH

    Sku #: ML-111962

    MFG Model #: 111962.00

    Manufacturer: Leeson Electric Corp

  8. 1/10,1075,208-230,F48Y,1PH,60 HZ
    1/10,1075,208-230,F48Y,1PH,60 HZ

    Sku #: STK-639A

    MFG Model #: 639A

    Manufacturer: Regal Beloit EPC, Inc.

  9. 1/12,1800,208-230,3.3,OPEN,SHP

    Sku #: WD-1125

    MFG Model #: D1125

    Manufacturer: Fasco Industries Inc

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