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Explosion Proof Motors


Every company puts a premium on safety and Essex Brownell is a partner capable of helping to reduce the workplace risk with explosion proof products. It is important to choose the right motor approved for the specific class that your application is defined in and a conversation with one of our solutions experts is one that can help ensure you are making the best choice. Essex Brownell offers motors designed and approved for hazardous environments that contain certain explosive gases or have dangerous materials present. We feature explosion proof motors from Marathon, Leeson, Nidec, and GE, among others. We also have distribution centers in 11 states, as well as Mexico and Canada, to ensure prompt delivery of your materials.


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  1. 1,1800,208-230/460,56C,EXPLOSION PROOF
    1,1800,208-230/460,56C,EXPLOSION PROOF

    Sku #: MAR-G841A

    MFG Model #: G841A

    Manufacturer: Marathon Electric Mfg Co

  2. 1,3600,115/230,56HC,XPFC,CAP

    Sku #: ML-116613

    MFG Model #: 116613.00

    Manufacturer: Leeson Electric Corp

  3. 1/2,1200,115/208-230,56,XPFC,CSCR,

    Sku #: MAR-G655

    MFG Model #: G655

    Manufacturer: Marathon Electric Mfg Co


    Sku #: ML-111084

    MFG Model #: 111084.00

    Manufacturer: Leeson Electric Corp

  5. 1/3,1725,115/208-230,56,XP-TENV,1PH

    Sku #: ML-111074

    MFG Model #: 111074.00

    Manufacturer: Leeson Electric Corp

  6. 1/4,1725,208-230&110/220,56,TENV

    Sku #: NM-XS14CA2J

    MFG Model #: XS14CA2J

    Manufacturer: Nidec Motor Corporation

  7. 10,3600,230/460,L213TP10,VHS,WPI,3PH Do Not Expo
    10,3600,230/460,L213TP10,VHS,WPI,3PH Do Not Expo

    Sku #: MTG-V3107

    MFG Model #: V3107

    Manufacturer: GE Energy Power Conv USA Inc

  8. 125,3600,230/460,444TS,XPFC,3PH,PREMIUM

    Sku #: TM-XP1252

    MFG Model #: XP1252

    Manufacturer: Teco-Westinghouse Motor Co

  9. 1725,56H,1PH,XP

    Sku #: ML-110934

    MFG Model #: 110934.00

    Manufacturer: Leeson Electric Corp

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