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Grease and Lubricant


A lubricant is a substance that is introduced to reduce friction between surfaces that remain in contact. Many lubricants are also applied to reduce heat generation between the two objects interacting. Essex Brownell features silicone solution lubricants manufactured by Dow and DuPont among its many offerings. Industrial specialty lubricants, such as Molykote, are formulated to withstand the rigors of heavy loads, dirty or chemically harsh environments. Grease is a subset of lubricants and include a thickener, which sets it apart from other lubricants. It is the addition of that component which gives the grease its consistency, making the product semi-solid rather than liquid. Grease is generally applied to mechanisms that only require infrequent lubrication and is most frequently used where a lubricating oil would not hold its position. Certain greases can also act as a sealant to prevent an ingress of water or in-compressible materials. Grease-lubricated bearings are usually rated to be able to withstand greater frictional situation due to their increased viscosity. Essex Brownell and its team of solutions experts are able to recommend the correct lubricant, grease, compound, or paste for each individual project.


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