Brazing Motors


Brazing is a process that will join multiple pieces of metal together by melting and flowing a filler metal into the joints between the pieces. The process often allows for two types of metal to be held together with high levels of strength and free of oxides. There are major differences between brazing and welding as well as soldering to consider. Brazing does not require the melting of the work pieces as it does in welding but it does require a higher temperature than does soldering -- which means that brazing also requires the pieces to be much more closely fitted. In general, brazing will also produce less thermal distortion because it does not melt the base metal of the joint. It also allows for dissimilar products, such as metal to non-metal, to be brazed as well as coated for protection. Essex Brownell provides the brazing rods, alloy solutions, as well as filler metals that allow your operation to make its product with ease. It is always recommended that you speak with a solutions expert who can advise on making the right choice for your application depending on the temperature required and the proper materials for filler -- as well as other factors that you are considering for each project.


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