Markets Served

The markets we serve include Power and Energy, Industrial, Electrical, Motor Repair, Commercial and Residential, Mobility, Military and Aerospace, Communication, and Electronics. As an industry leader in the Electrical market, we are dedicated to improving our customer service. And through our 16 global locations, our delivery of products is prompt and reliable.

As for the other industries, we connect logistic solutions and customized products, and we continue to form partnerships with well-known suppliers to make the manufacturing in these segments more profitable and efficient.

Two coworkers brainstorming on boardTwo coworkers brainstorming on board

Significance of Partnerships

Our partnerships are continuously investing in research and development of products, allowing us to offer specific solutions to changing markets. In addition, this strategy also allows our suppliers to test new applications for existing products. This is beneficial as we can continue to grow in existing and new markets as we can offer customers with newer solutions. Providing high-quality solutions is essential for us here at Essex Brownell. With our extensive operations network, we can provide a full solution to the customer.

Essex Brownell wire productsEssex Brownell wire products

Leveraging Industry Knowledge

Through experience, training, research, and working alongside suppliers, we have managed to accumulate significant insights in a range of industries. By leveraging this knowledge, we can tailor solutions offered to customers which provide technical gains, cost efficiencies, logistic advantages, and many more factors.

Electrical motor with copper wiresElectrical motor with copper wires

Facing Industry Challenges

Over the last decade or so, the Department of Energy (DOE) has issued requirement changes to the design of electric motors and transformers. Due to the ever-changing requirements from the DOE, it is crucial that we stay aware of these changes.

For example, the DOE has proposed new energy-efficiency standards for three categories of distribution transformers. These standards will improve perseverance of power grid, reduce CO2 emissions, and lower utility costs. Staying aware of DOE rules and regulations is an integral part of both our supplier and customer relationship.

Wind turbines in open field with blue skyWind turbines in open field with blue sky

Strategic Growth Focus

As industries continue to evolve, investments undergo constant changes. As a result, Essex Brownell recognizes the importance of being agile and adapting to these shifts. One example of industry transformation includes the Electronics market. Essex Brownell is focused on further aligning and providing a broader scope of product to remain relevant and top-of-mind in the industry. Another area we see tremendous growth opportunities is in the Green Energy sector as a subsegment of the Power and Energy market. Lastly, the Automotive industry (Mobility) is investing heavily in EV solutions, and we must shift our focus to meet Customer needs to remain key players in the growing EV market.

Operating from large regional warehouses, we can facilitate and distribute solutions to a multitude of markets simultaneously.

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