Essex Active logo on red backgroundEssex Active logo on red background

What is Essex Active?

Essex Active is a service brand of Essex Brownell and is the one-stop shop for conversion and fabrication services. No matter the scope of the project, we can operate within markets of all sizes. Essex Active is profoundly known as one of the industry's leaders in sheeting, slitting, cutting, chopping, laminating, cutting, punching, stamping, and part forming. There are two locations for Essex Active, one in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the other in Torreón, Mexico.

The Connection to Essex Brownell

The Essex Active team simplifies processes for their clients, eliminating the repetitive and redundant steps that end up being costly to your business. Being a customer-driven and cost-effective service is a core value to all of Essex, including the Active division.


Essex Active has the appropriate equipment to complete the project at hand to ensure a high-quality solution. Active’s capabilities for fabrication and conversion extend well beyond standard projects. Whatever the blueprint is, Active has the expertise.


Through Essex Active’s offered services, Essex is able to provide complete solutions to meet our customer’s evolving needs. With Brownell, Active, or both, it is imperative to us that our customers have a seamless, Essex experience.

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