Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives and Sealants


Adhesives and sealants share many similarities and are generally considered to be part of the same sub-category of liquid insulations, however the two are not chemically constructed in the same manor nor are they structurally interchangeable. An adhesive is a dispensable substance that will fasten and bond two things together. It often will require a certain temperature to cure correctly and is generally used on thinner applications. Additionally, adhesives are usually available at higher strengths as opposed to sealants. A sealant is also a dispensable substance but it will form an environmental seal between the surfaces. A sealant barrier may prevent the penetration of liquid, air, fire, or noise — depending on the nature of the sealant — but these products are not generally intended to bond surfaces together. Many sealants are designed to meet very specific usage requirements and are very good at maintaining their chemical composition over a long period so long as they are used as designed. Essex Brownell can advise on making the right choice for your application depending on the adhesion strength, coverage, thermal dynamics or other factors that you are considering for the project. We have offerings from tubes to drums and products that range from electronic to industrial manufacturing. Essex Brownell proudly offers products from Dow, 3M, Star Technology, and many other leading manufacturers.


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