Elantas is a leading manufacturer of insulating and protective materials with focus on the global electrical and electronics industry. The Elantas group offers a comprehensive portfolio of wire enamels, impregnating resins and varnishes, casting and potting resins, flexible electrical insulation materials, materials for electronic protection, specialty industrial coatings, products for printed electronics as well as a wide range of tooling and composite materials.

Elantas: Key Products & Services

The primary function of impregnating materials is to protect electrical machines from insulation failure. They protect windings against electrical, mechanical, thermal, chemical and environmental stress.

Elantas' resin systems are based on several different chemistries, such as unsaturated polyester, unsaturated polyester-imide, epoxy and epoxy-polyester hybrid products, as well as a wide range of water-based, solvented varnishes and the specialty emulsion products.

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Elantas brands Corona-Protect®, Dobeckan®, ELAN-Guard®, ELAN-Plus™, ELAN-Safe®, ELAN-Shield®, ELAN-Volt®, Epoxylite®, Esterlite®, Isonel®, Pedigree®, RanVar™, Ripley™, Sterling® and Viking™ are specifically designed for use in the construction of low, medium and high voltage electrical devices and components. Electrical insulation materials made by Elantas PDG, Inc. have a high quality standard and excellent insulation properties, significantly contributing to the safety, reliability and long life of small or large electric motors, transformers and generators.

ELAN-Film® HT-180 Insulation:  The Advanced Flexible Electrical Insulation - raising performance to the next level. It is the debut product solution in a new ELANTAS product family, which expands the potential of flexible insulation compared with conventional laminate combinations.

It is an innovative material ideally matched to the performance required while operating at temperature ranges up to 200 °C, ensuring that electrical machines have a long and reliable service life.

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  • It is designed for low-voltage  motors, generators and transformers to protect insulated copper from the steel core and where phase-to-phase insulation is required.
  • It can easily be preformed so it is excellent for use as a slot closure or in areas where formed insulation is essential.
  • It is approved by standards specifications for use in electronics applications as flexible dielectric substrate for Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) and Printed Electronics (PE) manufacturers.
  • It is fully compatible with a wide range of impregnating and potting resins.

ELANTAS PDG, Inc. offers a wide range of high performance casting resins and potting resins. Their 2-component casting and potting materials are based on epoxy, polyurethane, polybutadiene and silicone and are especially designed for areas in demanding electrical and electronic applications.

Additional properties such as improved heat dissipation, much greater mechanical stability at high vibrational forces, noise reduction, and often the complete exclusion of environmental influences are required in these applications.

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Their ELAN-Bond, ELAN-Cast®, ELAN-Tron®, and Micares® brands guarantee optimum protection of light electrical and heavy electrical machines operating in challenging environments and cover a broad spectrum of mechanical, electrical and self-extinguishing properties. Their ELAN-Tron® and Bectron® product range is especially designed for the protection of electronic devices. Many of their products are recognized according to UL 94 (and other UL standards such as 1446 and 746B). Some materials are additionally certified for the use in railway applications (EN 45545 or NF F 16-101).

Elantas specialty adhesives are engineered in close cooperation with our customer’s needs in mind. The materials, based on polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy and silicone, are universally applicable and create stable and secure connections and bonding for plastics, metals, glass and other materials.

The main end use markets for our structural adhesives and sealants are marine, automotive, sport items, furnishing, industry, pipe relining, abrasives, marble and stones.

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For more than 50 years, the aerospace industry has relied on Epoxylite® resins. The United States space program created the need for a new generation of epoxy formulations with previously unattainable properties. Extensive research led to a patented high-temperature epoxy that was first used in the Mercury manned spaceflight program.These Epoxylite® Hi Temp Epoxy Systems have since found other specialized applications, from adhesives for high temperature strain gauges to laminating resins for bushing insulation in nuclear submarines.

ELANTAS develops and tests products in its worldwide laboratories in accordance with the international IEEE standards and the UL standards. Since ELANTAS has its own UL laboratory with the Third-Party Test Data Program (TPTDP) certification, we are granted the right to test for any third party and we are therefore in the position to conduct the tests required by our customers to obtain UL certification.

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EPDG’s testing labs participate in UL’s Third Party Test Data Program (TPTDP). This program allows the lab to perform testing for EPDG and others without UL witnesses. The scope includes the following:

Keep your varnish and resin tanks up to spec with ELANTAS PDG, Inc.’s free, easy-to-use, reliable Tank Maintenance Program. Now there is an easy way to test the consistency and purity required to meet your stringent application requirements. To utilize our Tank Maintenance Program, contact Essex Brownell today, and we will send you a tank sampling kit free of charge. It has everything you need for taking a sample and sending it to Elantas for evaluation. Elantas will provide recommendations based on the testing results.

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Maintenance Programs Include:

  • TI-4001 Unsaturated Polyester Resin Maintenance
  • TI-4002 VPI Epoxy Resin Maintenance
  • TI-4003 Epoxy Resin Maintenance
  • TI-4004 Waterbased Resin Maintenance

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