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FASCO (a Regal Beloit Company) has delivered one of the industry's most complete lines of custom fractional horsepower AC motors and blowers for almost 100 years. FASCO's motors and blowers power thousands of products for a diverse line of markets. Plus, their expanding global presence, superior customer service and expansive distribution warehouse can provide you with the highest quality products and prompt delivery at a competitive price. FASCO continues to develop and launch products to meet the requirements of their customer's and create customized solutions for many different applications.

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Products Include Header 

  • 3.3" Diameter SP & PSC 
  • 4.4" Diameter SP 
  • 5.0" Diameter SP & PSC 
  • 5.6" Diameter PSC 
  • C-Frame Motors 
  • Centrifugal Blowers (15 - 1200 CFM Free Air Output) 
  • Contactors - Definite Purpose 
  • Fan Blades & Blower Wheels 
  • Direct Replacement Water Heater Draft Inducer 
  • OEM Direct Replacement 80/90+ Draft Inducer 
  • Motor Mounting Accessories 
  • Transflo Blower (Direct Drive 80-215 CFM Free Air Output) 


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